Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, emphasized the unity of Iraq based on the unity of the Iraqi tribes and the harmony within the community, explaining that the Iraqi tribes are one of Iraq’s important pillars. He said the Iraqi guest houses are an important stop to deliberate and resolve the problems and Iraq will be safeguarded through its unity for which the clans must work, describing the theory of division as strategic error that will lead the country to the unknown, for everyone will lose. He also called to find a global, well-defined vision for the post-ISIS period and to address the foreseen problems, asking the tribes’ seniors to assume their historical responsibilities in spreading the spirit of tolerance and love between the people and eliminating the problems to create a safe environment so that the citizens can return to their homes.
This came during a meeting between his Eminence on Saturday, 21/2/2015 at his office in Baghdad and a number of the leaders and seniors of the Iraqi tribes in Diwan Baghdad.
His Eminence added that the security remedies are not only about the use of weapons, they must be supported by social, political and economic remedies, recalling “Our Resisting Anbar” initiative which guarantees a package of solutions and which may be also applied in Nineveh and Saladin, explaining that the national reconciliation can never be achieved while each party is standing still in its place and not making any compromise. He said the fight of ISIS is like fighting ghosts, and the conventional methods against him will be of no use, affirming that the Iraqi blood is conserved and that no harm will be forgiven no matter who is the perpetrator, because the Iraqi blood is precious to everyone, calling to address the mistakes and stressing the necessity of re-injecting the sense of patriotism in those who were tricked into joining ISIS.   
The head of the Supreme Council of Iraq pressed for the establishment of a tribal supreme council, provided that the council is financially and administratively independent and not affiliated to any party, explaining that the role of the leaders of the tribes and clans is to back the State of Iraq and the political process, and to support the clans doesn’t mean to meddle in their business or blackmail them. He also added that a tribal council that is affiliated to a specific party would be improper for the Iraqi tribes, underlining the importance of conformity between the tribal customs and the legal principles, which is mostly the case.
On the other hand, his Eminence pointed to the international and regional situation as well as the situation in the Arab world. According to him, the events and their accelerating pace and the spread of ISIS over this wide scope will make everyone within the circle of fire and the stability of Iraq would contribute to the stability of the region and protect it from division.
For their part, the leaders and seniors of the Iraqi tribes and clans condemned ISIS’s terrorist acts, especially their taking of the Muslim Iraqi free women (Turkmen and Shabak), and Christian and Yazidi women as captives, praising the vision of his Eminence in uniting the political powers and in advancing Iraq to achieve the aspirations of the country and of the citizens.