Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, affirmed that the coordination of efforts between all Iraqi parties and armed forces will play a vital role in stopping the assault and taking back the initiative in all military combat fields. This came when his eminence received in his office in Baghdad on Saturday, 18/4/2015, Sheikh Qais Al Khazali and the accompanying delegation from the Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq (AAH) group. The head of the Supreme Counci condemned the targeting, accusations and distortion attempts that members of the popular crowd are being subjected to, and denounced in the same time the overlooking of the great sacrifices presented by the crowd in support of the citizens of usurped regions in Tikrit and others. He stressed the need to take a real and objective stance of chivalry and support regarding the performance of the popular crowd of its roles in all arenas. His eminence also added that the commitment and discipline of the forces participating in the popular crowd and other security forces, along with determination and will, are going to attain the desired goals and liberate the violated lands God willing.
For his part, Sheikh Qais Al Khazaali assured, in a press conference held following his meeting with Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, that he shares the worries of his eminence concerning the developments that occurred in some regions in the province of Anbar. He added that the government ought to identify the priorities on the basis of which we should be acting in order to address the security situation in the country, and should take into account that there are crucial decisions important to the Iraqi State, to the people and to sovereignty in light of the continuous threat to the existence of humans and life. Sheikh Al Khazali expressed his hope that the Iraqi tribes in the province of Anbar would participate side by side with the popular crowd to achieve victories similar to the ones reached in Diyala and Saladin. He highlighted the importance of complementarity between the popular crowd, the tribe members and security forces and underlined that no victory can be achieved by one of these forces on its owns. He also hoped that the participation of tribe members in Anbar will be larger than that witness in Saladin.
In another context, Sheikh Al Khazali stressed the need to resolve the matter of the national alliance presidency, considering that if it remains unresolved, a big void will result, thus influencing the unity of political decision making especially in light of developments on the ground.