Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, on the first evening gathering of the month of Muharram held in his office in Baghdad, indicated that the Hussein rituals are of two types, enacted retrials known through history as weeping for Hussein (peace be upon him) and cursing his killers and starting memorial funerals and recall the biography of Ahl al-Bayt, pointed to the existence of innovated rituals that also express grief and sympathy to Ahl al-Bayt, but it requires to meet the goals that were the reason of The Hussein revolution and the most important goal is reform.


his eminence emphasized the importance of crying over Hussein and the virtue and reward of the pilgrimage to Imam Hussein, indicated that Hussein represents the righteousness approach and Yazid represents the approach of corruption and both approaches exist at all times, stressed the importance of pilgrimage to Hussein and take spiritual lessons and moral, and draw attention to the devil\'s many methods of targeting and blocking the insight of man.