Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called on everyone to start a major campaign aiming at disclosing the offensive project which stands behind the tribal conflicts, urging all national media channels to enlighten people regarding this project and to disclose it. His Eminence also called on all dignitaries and leaders of clans and tribes to do their duty and hold covenants which prohibit infighting and taking up arms against each other, stressing that he is ready to fully support any project or initiative launched to save the dignity of the Iraqi tribes, their blood and reputation, to stop these armed conflicts, and to dispose of the clans that continue using weapons without preserving the sanctity of blood, neighborhood and the fact of belonging to Ahl al-Bayt (P).
His Eminence declared that he is sure of the presence of a malicious political agenda seeking to sow discord between the tribes and involve them in armed bloody conflicts, pointing out that there is an obscurant project that surpasses ISIS terrorism, and warning everyone that they are devising a plot, preparing a project and a new terrorism that grows under the armed tribal conflicts, while expressing his surprise at this. Al-hakim considered clans as the Iraqi safety valve and strategic reservoir of Marjayia that show the high sincere Iraqi morality, wondering how the conflict and fighting can attain the use of lethal weapons in basically simple and limited conflicts!?
He expressed regret for not respecting leaders and dignitaries’ word in resolving conflicts and for neglecting the word of the state, its institutions, the law and its procedures, as well as the open battles between tribes, pointing out that he is extremely suspicious, as everyone fighting his brother under any pretext is supporting terrorism, undermining the state and destroying it from inside. He declared that the tribal conflicts are no longer innocent fights that occur by chance; yet, they are the result of a malicious project seeking to burn the south, kill its sons and weaken its tribes. His Eminence noted that these conflicts are not a coincidence, nor they are acceptable from any tribe, considering that the armed tribal conflicts are as dangerous as, if not more dangerous than terrorism, explaining that everybody knows the source of terrorism, its methods and purposes; however, these conflicts that cultivate hatred and enmity in the hearts of the brothers, cancel the social relations and leave blood and revenge, are aiming to burn the south and drag it to chaos.
This came during the Weekly Cultural Forum held in His Eminence’s office in Baghdad, on Wednesday March 25, 2015
Considering Popular Crowd as Terrorist Is Unjust and Reflects Improvidence and Nonperformance
    His Eminence considered those trying to accuse the popular crowd and approach them to terrorists, as biased and misleading voices. He treated this comparison as unjust and reflects improvidence and nonperformance, declaring that wars are not always absolutely ideal and not free of errors. But when the murdered is compared to the murderer, his Eminence said, and the assaulted to the assaulter, and the followers of the human approach to those of the devil terrorist approach, this shows a sterile human personality, contradictory and double attitudes and standards, injustice, transgression and incrimination. According to him, the popular crowd is targeted by those who have no clear picture about and ignore the effective role played by those heroes in establishing the foundations of the emerging Iraqi state. Here he stressed the need to defend the popular crowd troops and to get engaged in a political battle as they are engaged in a military battle of Iraq against terrorism, saying although of different rites, the popular crowd troops answered the call of the religious authority that makes no distinction between Iraqis, warning that the anti-terrorism war is not only in the battlefields, and terrorism did not start from nothing, yet it is the product of the dark minds and the hearts that hold in them too much grudge and enmity, describing the popular crowd as the apple of Iraq’s eye and asserting that the battle will be hard, but the Mujahideen will finally win.     
The Security Systems Are on the Right Way and the Time of Chaos Is Over
    His Eminence associated the field progress of the armed forces and the popular crowd troops with the feeling by the leaders of terrorism that what is coming would not be the same for them, considering the last explosions in Baghdad as a message the terrorists wanted to convey to Iraqis that they are among the people and are working on moving the war to the streets, between the houses, and on the children’s and women’s bodies, adding that the Iraqi society has received the message and is ready for the confrontation on all fronts, and that the terrorists would no longer be able to terrorize the people and the children. In this context, he said he is sure that Baghdad will be cleared of the dormant terrorist cells, praising the awareness and insistence of the security systems albeit their little capacities and their preoccupation with the restructuring of the security institution. He explained that the security systems are on the right way and that the time of chaos is over and the time of the right planning and the radical changes has started, stressing the need to fully secure Baghdad on the security and intelligence levels because, in his opinion, the terrorists are trying to make themselves heard by targeting Baghdad in particular.  

Granting Exceptional Powers to the Provinces amidst the Current Exceptional Conditions
    His Eminence called on the Ministry of Electricity to seriously and practically get prepared for the summer season and to minimize the pressure on the citizens, urging the Council of Minister to grant exceptional powers to the provinces and ministries, because, according to him, the conditions are exceptional and need exceptional powers, particularly in the key, sensitive service sectors such as municipalities, electricity, water and sewage, explaining that these sectors must be addressed without delay, by avoiding the complicated, routine steps, especially that we have been in state of paralysis for more than a year. He also said that the services of the liberated provinces and regions need to be rehabilitated at once so that the displaced can return to their homes and cities, and this is why their governors need exceptional powers, hoping that the President al-Abadi can include this issue in his priorities as soon as possible during the meetings of the council of ministers.    
Continuous Communication is the Best Tool to Create a Common Environment and a Common Understanding of our Complicated Reality
    His eminence described his visit to the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan and his meeting with his majesty the king and senior officials as useful, deep and straightforward, explaining that Iraq, although going through delicate circumstances, cannot isolate itself from its regional and Arab surrounding. He added that our fight against terrorism requires from us to open up to all brothers, to clarify our stances, explain our viewpoints and transmit reality as it is with all details.  His eminence considered that continuous communication is the best tool to create a common environment and a common understanding of our complicated reality, assuring that Iraq will get stronger when it opens up to the moderate regional powers, especially those capable of playing a significant role to maintain the unity of Iraq, enhance the cohesion of Iraqis and help the country in its fierce war against terrorism. Sayyid Al Hakim stated that the enemy is one even when names are different; terrorists who support the killing of Shias are the same who burnt the Jordanian pilot and overlooked the values of Islam and humanity. Should they have the chance, they would displace Christian families from Jordanian cities just like they dislodged them from Iraq and Syria. His eminence highlighted that darkness and terrorism form one whole indivisible unit, even if they had different titles, explaining that the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan is a strong advocate for Iraq and that Iraq in turn represents an economic and strategic depth for Jordan. Furthermore, he clarified that he had explained to his majesty the king of Jordan what is happening in the field, the sacrifices made by the heroes of the popular crowd and their capacity to terminate the battle in Tikrit soon and fully eliminate the terrorists there. He had also described to the king the truth about the support provided by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the international coalition against terrorism. Sayyid Al Hakim mentioned that his majesty had expressed his eagerness to support Iraq, preserve its sovereignty and contribute through all means to the fight against the terrorist ISIS until it is eventually eradicated. His eminence also highlighted his conviction that communication, the Open Door Policy and clear positions are the successful and effective policies that prevent the terrorists and those fishing in troubled water from reaching their mischievous goals.  
The Problem in Yemen is Political and Ought to be Solved Politically
    Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim expressed his deep sorrow and sincere condolences over the victims of the latest terrorist attacks in Yemen. His eminence considered what happened as a clear proof that the enemy is one on all fronts, as the traces are obvious, the style is one, the victims are alike, especially in the targeting of places of worship and killing worshippers in their prayer, without any distinction between civilians and soldiers. He assured that the dark takfiri terrorism is an epidemic and chronic illness hitting the nation, insisting that no Muslim nation could be established as long as these deviant terrorists are falsly holding the motto of Islam. His eminence warned those using terrorism to implement political agendas or eliminate temporary adversaries from playing with fire, reminding of how others used terrorism and their plan eventually backfired. He added that terrorism does not serve, make alliances or get reconciled with anyone, describing it as a malignant disease that keeps spreading out of control and killing for no reason. His eminence clarified that the problem in Yemen is political and ought to be solved politically, considering that anyone who thinks for a moment that he can find a non-political solution to the Yemeni crisis is mistaken and anyone who is betting on terrorism to weaken his political adversaries is in fact practicing political aberrance.