Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called on to work on and develop the political project simultaneously with the progress of the military solution at the battlefronts against terrorism, stressing the importance of agreeing on a post-ISIS well-defined political vision, explaining that though they have strong effect, the military solutions won’t be complete without being crowned with political agreement and a political project, since according to him, war ends in the field, but life goes on, and this is why it is important to set up a well-developed political project so as to guarantee the continuity of life smoothly and with conviction from all parties. He also considered the political deadlock, the intransigent positions and the aggravation and escalation policy as among the factors that led to the emergence of ISIS, calling on the politicians to assume their responsibility and to believe in the necessity of developing a mature political project that ensures the smooth transfer to the next stage, while emphasizing Iraq’s need for a true, conscious political reconciliation and with the parties that have influence in their geographic and demographic surrounding. He added there is no place for ISIS or those who have conspired with the group in the reconciliation, pointing to the need of Iraq for a multi-party reconciliation even within a single house, for the conditions caused so many people to commit mistakes towards the others whether intentionally or unintentionally, underlining the importance of the Iraq’s unity and of the political reform, as well as of complete tools, laws and legislations, considering the political reconciliation and the political reform as concomitant major steps in one single operation. Moreover, his Eminence said the reconciliation must be achieved under the constitution and within the boundaries of the nation, describing the statement of al Azhar as shocking since the authority is known for its wisdom and thoroughly considers any statements before issuing them and their positions can’t be taken coercively. In his opinion, Al Azhar should have sent a fact-finding committee to investigate about what the facts if it has worrying information and this is the role of the higher religious authorities. Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim described the nation as a fragmented person that needs responsible positions to heal its wounds and reinforce its unity, maintaining that Al-Azhar disregarded the simplest facts, i.e. that if the popular crowd troops wanted to strive upon earth to cause corruption, they wouldn’t act patiently towards those criminals while profaning our land during all this time and they could just surround them, bombard them continuously and destroy the cities over their heads, confirming that the popular crowd members offer sacrifices and martyrs to minimize the losses in human lives, infrastructures and public and private facilities and progress with caution in the villages and only break into the cities after making sure their citizens are safe. Here he hoped that Al Azhar reconsiders his position and establishes the historical impression about its moderation and uniting the Muslims.
This came during the weekly cultural forum held on Wednesday, 18/3/2015 at his Eminence’s office in Baghdad.     
Everyone Must Assume their Responsibilities, Defend the Popular Crowd and Protect It Politically and Morally
    His Eminence stated that the members of the popular crowd are progressing with confidence, strength, courage and discipline into the middle of the regions ISIS used to consider as their stronghold, calling for keeping the close surveillance and ensuring that no mistakes are made, that the negative points are detected and addressed at once and that strictness is used in dealing with anyone who ever thinks of making irresponsible steps that may cause harm to the popular crowd, its big achievements and its national positions, calling everyone to assume their responsibilities, defend the popular crowd and protect it politically and morally, stressing the importance of enlarging the scope of the participation of the regions’ citizens and of attributing to them the biggest responsibility of setting the cities and villages free and providing them with the support and assistance they need, underlining the importance of regarding all the achievements as being for all Iraqis, especially the citizens of the liberated regions, and not for one exclusive category. He also considered the victory today as that of the wills and of eliminating the barrier to self-confidence, saying what is important is not the quick liberation of the entire city of Tikrit, even with big human and material losses, but that ISIS is moving back and retreating, leaving behind big destruction, calling for taking caution and preserving the lives of the civilians as much as possible because the terrorists are now in a regression and retreat stage, their fronts are now torn apart, their supply channels are cut out and they won’t hold for too long.   
Spiker Crime Must Be Considered as Genocide
    Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim called for appointing an authority to supervise, follow up and investigate the sensitive issue of the Spiker martyrs, stressing the importance of dealing with high caution with the issue of transporting the martyrs’ bodies and of subjecting the bodies to DNA tests to identify them and compare them with the list of the missing people, saying this is important for the thousands of families who lost their children and proves the respect showed to the martyrs and victims and the commitment to them, requesting the parliamentary committee formed to investigate the Spiker crime to resume its work with the competent authority by searching for the remains of the martyrs so as to submit a complete case to the United Nations and asking to consider it as genocide, describing Spiker as stigma on the forehead of anyone who has heard about but hasn’t taken a firm standpoint and a shame on anyone who has contributed whether directly or indirectly, adding that we are fighting today so that there will be no more mass graves, Halabja and Spiker.   
To Be Wary of Demographic Change for the Iraqi Regions and Create Isolated Sectarian and Nationalistic Cantons
    His Eminence warned of the terrorism purpose seeking for demographic change of the Iraqi areas and the creation of isolated sectarian and nationalistic cantons to keep occasionally its control over them, stressing that the liberated areas must be rebuilt and the citizens must return home as this is their sacred right. He also stated that terrorism is not a battle that finishes with the elimination of terrorists; yet, it is a remnant that must be removed to get rid of its horrible influence on our country and our regions, while rejecting all rumors stating the settlement of the people of Tal Afar in Karbala and Najaf because the real and only home of Tal Afar citizens is Tal Afar itself, of the people of Shabak in Mosul is their regions, and the citizens of the Christian areas is the Nineveh Plain, their main country where they lived hundreds of years. As for the Yazidis, their home is Sinjar and other areas in which they lived their history and where they built their civilization, and so the people of Alam, Tikrit, Mosul, Saadia, Jalawla and any other area.
Extraordinary Powers for the Governors and Ministers in 2015
    His Eminence called on the Cabinet to adopt extraordinary powers for the governors and ministers in 2015 so they are able to launch the necessary projects, to grant them sufficient powers to direct their provinces and ministries in the best way, and to compensate them for the losses they suffered in 2014. He declared that the unusual situation witnessed by Iraq needs extraordinary powers after the State of Iraq is paralyzed for an entire year because of failing to adopt the budget for 2014; thus, we need compensation for the year 2015, pointing out that the routine and restricted mechanisms and laws that control the Iraqi reality get in the way of the governors and ministers and prevent them from doing their required duties in addition to the insufficient budget, resources and money allocated to them.

The Importance of the Security and Intelligence Efforts in Fighting and Defeating Enemies
    The President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq has highly appreciated the humanitarian assistance provided by the religious authority, the Iraqi government and all benefactors for the displaced people, citizens in the battle zones, the popular crowd, the native tribes and the military forces; noting that these are the most basic rights they deserve to give them support and strengthen their morale while they endure the burden of confrontation with ISIS terrorism. Hence, he called for intensifying efforts in Anbar province because of the information and reports received about their big suffer in terms of weapons and equipment, and humanitarian relief, stressing the displaced need for care and attention and providing the opportunity of voluntary return to their areas after liberating them and rebuilding the destroyed infrastructure in the liberated areas. His Eminence praised the role of the National Intelligence Service in dismantling ISIS Baghdad cells, applauded the proactive steps carried out by the security apparatuses and stressed the importance of the security and intelligence effort in the battle and the defeat of enemies.
Launching a Campaign to Clean Up and Plant Trees in the Cities and to Provide a Clean and Green Environment that Brings the Message of Life
    His Eminence Blessed Nowruz holidays celebrated by the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region, declaring that Islam deals positively with this national heritage and supports it as stated by Imam Ali (P) (Our Nowruz is celebrated everyday) when dessert was offered to him on the occasion of Nowruz. He added that this signals the openness of Islam on the other cultures in their positive dimensions and the connection of this holiday with the spring and nature, in addition to its traditions in exchanging visits and gifts, cleaning houses and cities, and spreading love, harmony and tolerance among people; they are all good things and a behavior consistent with the authentic approach of Islam, calling on the Municipality of Baghdad as well as the provinces, the Ministry of Environment and the civil society organizations to launch a campaign to clean up and plant trees in the cities and to provide a clean and green environment that brings the message of life to integrate with the security messages seeking to establish security and stability in the country. His Eminence congratulated as well the Mandaeism in the Feast of creation celebrated by them, praising the role of Mandaeism and their relation with the rivers and water that symbolize chastity and purity, their contributions to the enrichment of civilization and the translation of Greek heritage into Arabic, such as the translations of the “sabian Hunayn ibn Ishaq” and the relationship of Al-Sharif al-Radi, author of Nahj Balagha, with  “the sabian Ibn Ishak”, besides our pride in the sabian Dr. “Abdul Jabbar Abdullah”, one of Einstein students and the first president of the University of Baghdad. His Eminence considered the position of Mandaeism in limiting their celebrations this year by the religious rituals because of the battles fought by the army, the police, the popular crowd, the native clans and the Peshmerga against ISIS terrorism, is a further proof of their patriotism and love for their country.