Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim: The Congress’ Bill Would Deepens the Division and Fragmentation in Society and Everyone Involved in it Will Carry the Burden

2015/ 04 /29 

Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim: The Congress’ Bill Would Deepens the Division and Fragmentation in Society and Everyone Involved in it Will Carry the Burden

    Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called on the Iraqi people to stay alert and vigilant, to unite and to defend the unified and homogeneous Iraq that guarantees the pride and dignity of Iraqis. His eminence explained that the draft of the Congress bill recognizing separate Iraqi regions would further divide the Iraqi society and push it towards more fragmentation, considering it a dangerous step. He also stated that everyone involved in such step will have to carry its burden, indicating that the crisis of Iraq has an Iraqi title but a regional significance. His eminence gave as an example the internal crises of some countries that had regional repercussions and causes, and explained that some states have not realized that manipulating the weak regions in Iraq will lead to the manipulation of their own weak regions, as per the principle “Every action calls a reaction”. He clarified that the regional interference in Iraq demonstrates that some states in the region practice an improvised policy that does not calculate in an accurate manner the direct reactions and consequences of the events. Furthermore, his eminence considered that Iraq is the gate to the region and its starting point towards stability just like it was the starting point of constructive chaos. He also highlighted the repercussions of wrongful regional policies in Iraq on many axes in the region and their negative impact on the Iraqi internal arena because they undermined the principle of balance while assuming that, by interfering and supporting some extremist parties, they create a sort of balance.

This came during the celebration of the birth of Imam Ali (AS) held at his eminence’s office in Baghdad on Wednesday, 29/4/2015.

War with ISIS is Mostly Psychological War

    His Eminence called for caution, in word and analysis, stating that a large part of the war with ISIS today appeared to be rumors and psychological war, and even terrorist operations have more psychological impact than physical or security impact. Al-Hakim pointed out that many of the bombings carried out fall within the psychological dimension and aim at sending a message to the Iraqi people stating that ISIS exists and its cells are capable of movement to divert attention from the real victories of our security forces, considering the war with terrorism as an open and well planned war where all means are used; particularly intellectual and psychological terror in addition to bloody and physical terrorism. His Eminence stressed that we must realize that amplifying information and publishing fabricated information materials without scrutiny is part of the terrorist psychological warfare, calling for more regulation and a deeper awareness of the responsibility to achieve the final victory with minimal losses.

The Popular Crowd, Part of the Governmental Security System

    The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq maintained that the popular crowd constitutes a part of the governmental security system, calling for putting an end to the unjustified argument about this fact, explaining that the popular crowd’s official leader is the general commander of the armed forces, i.e. the prime minister, and the crowd is armed from governmental sources and from the Iraqi state’s funds, and the leaders within the crowd work under the command of the general commander. Here his Eminence wondered why some people insist and have been promoting the idea that the crowd is a militia and an entity operating outside the frame of the state, describing this as sheer mistake and falsification of the truth. According to him, the reason why the crowd is one-colored entity is that its members have answered the call of the religious authority to defend Iraq against the devil terrorism and those who commit to the authority and to its fatwa are the ones who will join the crowd’s factions. Moreover, he called the opponents of the sharia affairs and the fatwa from the different sects to issue fatwas that call on all the different sects to enlist in the popular crowd’s factions because today, Iraq needs the support of the religious institution to motivate the faithful youth to carry the weapons and defend the land and the honor, praising the tribal members who counter with pride the murderers and criminals, explaining that the reason behind mobilizing most of the crowd’s men doctrinally is that terrorism is a perverse doctrinal mobilization and can only be confronted with fighters mobilized with a healthy doctrine. In the same context, he added that ISIS terrorists are more dangerous than Mongols, Tatars and Nazis for they have a perverted thought developed over tens of years, resulting in those deformed creatures who believe that the worshipping of God is made by taking lots of women as hostages, cutting off heads and destroying civilizations, considering ISIS acts as having more distortive effects on Islam than the Islam’s foes altogether. His Eminence also called on everyone to take an honest, responsible attitude towards themselves and their people without being deceptive for terrorism would have extended to all of the Iraqi regions had the popular crowd not exist, make sacrifices and achieved victories thanks to its men, thanking God for granting the Iraqis a great religious authority that intervened in due time and heroes sacrificing their lives in order for Iraq and its children to live in dignity.


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