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  •  Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim Warns Against Regional Changes that Will Influence Iraqi Components as Well as the Iraqi State’s Relation with Surrounding Changes

    2015/ 05 /06 

    Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim Warns Against Regional Changes that Will Influence Iraqi Components as Well as the Iraqi State’s Relation with Surrounding Changes

        Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, warned against major coming regional changes, calling to be realistic and ready for these changes without denying them. He explained that this new situation is unexpected and the related changes it brings are abrupt, urging political leaders to prepare themselves by staying realistic and rational, calculating all equations, looking at the picture from all perspectives and keeping away from biddings and mottos. His eminence added that Iraq is everyone’s trust and the best results possible should be secured for Iraq and its people while they face the storm of changes. He explained that the regional states and their policies are changing, their leaders are changing, the surrounding circumstances are changing, which means that the phase and related factors are changeable. His eminence also pointed out that Iraq will be among the most influenced by these changes, whether at the horizontal level through their influence on the political, sectarian, nationalist and regionalist components of the Iraqi society, or at the vertical level through their influence on the Iraqi State’s relation with the surrounding changes. He considered that what happened in the parliament days ago regarding the vote on rejecting the US Congress draft bill is an illustration of big divisions between the political components in Iraq. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim insisted considering Iraq as one single State so that it can require others to deal with it the same way. He asked those who are defending the Congress bill to explain and define what is “arming the tribes”, and asked if they determined the tribes or political parties in the honorable Sunni regions that they plan to send assistance to? Will there be another division that will take us to a phase of dividing the divided? What about Kurdistan? Will the supposed assistance be sent to the government of the region or directly to the Peshmerga forces or to the political parties?
    His eminence deemed the idea unconscious, poisoned and distorted, highlighting that the merit of the Congress proposed bill is that it showed how fragile the Iraqi political consensus is at this delicate stage of Iraq’s present, which stresses the need for a political effort or initiative or for an agreement of principles that guarantees the minimum consensus.
    This came at the weekly cultural form held at his eminence’s office in Baghdad on Wednesday, 6/5/2015.   
    Determining the Responsible for the Security of the Capital Is the First Step towards Building a Genuine Security System
        His Eminence considered bombings and security breaches in Baghdad as a trial to shuffle the cards and dissipate the government security and military efforts by disrupting the Capital’s security, even through terrorist acts that are invaluable on the strategic, military and political levels. His Eminence said that they only aim at terrorizing citizens and killing more innocent people in the commercial markets and public areas, declaring that the targets and methods are known, and wondering about the real and direct responsible for the Capital’s security: the Ministry of Interior, Baghdad Operational Command, or a third party?! As for him, determining the direct responsible for the security of the capital is the first right step towards building a genuine security system that can put an end to terrorism in Baghdad streets and neighborhoods and diagnose the level of achievement or failure accomplished by the official in the fight against terrorism. Al-Hakim also wondered why terrorism has the ability to raise terror among citizens and deteriorate the security situation in the capital and why security is achieved for a while and then suddenly becomes unstable, calling those who are in charge of the security file to answer these legitimate questions because Iraqi people’s blood are not cheap and we do not accept that terrorism continues hurting them whenever and wherever it wants, while calling security services to choose between two options, either assuming responsibility or stepping aside and making room for other services that are capable of achieving security and ending terrorism 
    The Popular Crowd Project Is a Blessed Project Born from the Fatwa Issued by Religious Authority and Is a Red Line
        His Eminence described the Popular Crowd as the perfect project of the wise religious authority’s fatwa to defend Iraq and its citizens in the cities that are now about to be invaded by the devil terrorism, explaining that the Crowd writes his history with the blood of its young children who embraced the martyrdom and set out believing in a definitive victory. He also reminded of his warning from the forum’s platform against the distortion and falsification campaigns attacking the popular crowd members, saying that a part of the responsibility should be assumed by the defenders of the Crowd’s leadership and the field leaders by applying a strict control and promoting the discipline and the sharia, moral and military commitment between the Popular Crowd fighters whether in the battle frontlines or in their dealings with the citizens in the cities and the back lines and by preventing a small unrestrained group from causing harm to this national project and defaming it through opportunist, personal behaviors. His Eminence also said the Popular Crowd’s project is a blessed project born from the fatwa issued by the religious authority and is a red line as to our constant principles in defending the country and the doctrine and that we won’t allow to go beyond it or target it unjustly and aggressively, considering the battle against terrorism as long and fierce. He added that the Iraqis gave and will continue to give martyrs and sacrifices in this battle, for the victory in this battle is more of a moral fundamental victory than a field one, calling for winning by acting with integrity and commitment and setting a distinguished example that marks the wide difference between those advocating the original project of Muhammed (PBUH) and those promoting the perverted, fake project in terms of thought and conduct.
    The Crisis of Local Governments’ Powers Is Silent and Few Gives It Importance
        His Eminence described the crisis of local governments’ powers as silent and few gives it importance, declaring that management has mentioned increasing powers in case of a lack of resources in order to devise solutions and fulfill the minimum achievement; however, sticking to the ropes of routine, bureaucracy and instructions is like restraining someone and throwing him in the water and then asking him to swim. He pointed out to insufficiency in managing the crisis, calling to think with mentality in the state administration as it needs solutions and not just recalling problems, and noting that the state needs to provide ideas and proposals to solve problems and listen to others’ ideas and proposals as half of the year have passed and powers are still out of order; yet the regulations implementing the budget, already weak, are technically restricted, confusing and obstructive. He stressed the will to achieve development with the powers needed by the officials as soon as possible and without procrastination or delay.

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