Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), stressed that the good and right outlook restores stability, calm and comfort for man, pushing him in the right direction, explaining that this outlook must be scientific, and it must have knowledge and depth.
His Holiness called in his Friday talk on August 11, 2012 during the 21st Ramadan eve at his Baghdad office, to adhere to the qualities that raise the status of one with his Lord, pointing out in this regard that studying the religion with insightfulness and awareness defines the relationship between man and his Lord in a way that increases one’s submission and servitude to Allah Almighty. He added saying that truthfulness represents one of the basic issues which are linked to the identity of a Muslim individual.
His Holiness also pointed out to the traditions about the Holiest Prophet (Õ) and the Pure Imams (Ú) which indicate that there are three marks that distinguish a man of knowledge; they are represented in: knowledge of Allah, acquaintance with what Allah loves and with what He hates, stressing that one does not relish the reality of iman (conviction) unless there are in him three traits: delving deeply into the religion, patience when afflicted by a calamity and good management of livelihood.
His Holiness called for the need to gain the types of knowledge that bring one closer to Allah, making him walk in a straightforward way rather than fall into disobedience of Allah, the most Praised, the mot Exalted One, pointing out in this regard to this tradition of Imam al-Sadiq (Ú): “I have found the knowledge of all people to lie in four: The FIRST is that you should know your Lord. The SECOND is that you should know what He has done with you. The THIRD is that you should know what He expects of you. The FOURTH is that you should know what gets you out of your creed,” explaining that the more wise one is, the greater his ability (of absorption) and knowledge of the facts will be.