Among his booth books, Mohammed Rasan, the bookseller in al-Mutanabi Street, begun to remove the dust away from his books. It was yesterday, a dusty day like the other previous days of Iraq's scorching days of the summer, Rasan begun moving the brush left and right, trying to bright the wanted books these days in al-Mutanabi Street.
Rasan said while sitting on the edge of his booth “the best selling books these days are those that deal with recent political history, books that try to mix the past with the present making use of the similarity of the events and taking off from the basis of that “history is repeating itself”, while people are buying books, mean while, a group of young people tried to make a way for someone who is still unknown to Rasan.
“I thought that this group is trying to protect someone of whom we used to see in al-Mutanabi Street, but suddenly I realized that this person is Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem who is behind these young people then he came and sit on the edge of my booth and begun checking books, he asked me about the prices and the best-selling books to young people specifically, if they attend to al-Mutanabi Street or not?, but I was surprised and couldn't speak, trying to collect words to talk to him, but words won’t come out, at the same time I tried to prolong my speech with him therefore I saw him the good manners and heard nice words of him, he greeted me and wished me a good luck and left me to another library and different booth.
On Fridays, al- Mutanabi Street which is called “Iraqi Intellectual Street” or “Iraqi culture street" becomes crowded while the other branch streets that lead to it become filled with cars and pedestrians.
However, the area where al-Mutanabi street located, was one of the hottest spots during recent past period.
Abu Ali al-Baghdadi, bookseller, said "I was surprised by the presence of al-Hakeem in al-Mutanabi Street because he is not just a religious character but he is also a known political character and the head of a political entity for more than twenty years. This visit is as a score for Sayeed al- Hakeem records, where he proved to all that the officials must go to all the locations of Baghdad and contact with all cultures and areas frequented by people, as of the markets, offices and all areas in which we find Iraqi citizens in their different levels