The media play central role in the entire world, no doubt in that especially after the revolution of information that has made the world as a small village, It is not secret any more that the media played the role of reagent and researcher for truth, so it’s clear how the role of media in Iraq must be currently to follow-up with the political, security and services situation in the country, however we find the points raised by al-Hakeem on the importance of disclosure, frankness, the media role are feeding the public opinion, we also find that these points can become an initiative to establish a new age, where the media role is central and integral to the parliament mission.
The six topics launched by al-Hakim can be summarized:
ONE: According to the Iraqi constitution, the citizen is the base in the Iraqi state, which must be closely concentrated in attention and interests, there must be the interests and concerns and problems of citizens in ​​every step, project and expenditure in order to address these problems. Every victory for the citizen is a victory for the Constitution, for the blood of the martyrs and for the fulfillment of the era made by officials to their people.
TWO: We welcome the frankness approach adopted by the Iraqi government at the end of the 100 days period, when the officials show off on air talking to the media outlets also during meetings of the ministers about what they have accomplished and challenges occurred that stand against completing projects.
The strong people and frankness of the braves is the approach of al-Mihrab martyr, besides Sayeed Abdul-Aziz al-Hakeem, an approach we have adopted too many years ago and we raised its flag days and nights in secret and public spaces, therefore we believe that this frankness is an integral part of the spirit of democracy in this country and hits all kinds of failure, reluctance and negligence of the officials.
THREE; To insure that the responsibility is shared among all political powers participated in the process, no one can holds the glories of achievements to himself, and it’s not right to bear all the consequences of failures on one side, it’s also wrong when some side disclaims all obligations and aimed the blame on others, but is the joint responsibility borne by all, Yes, the size of responsibility is not the same everywhere, the responsibility is different according to the size of the assigned task to each person, whom he has 40% of the administration decision, must bear the same exact rate of failure.
FOUR: We are by the true partnership side that assumes all must bear their responsibilities and take the consequences of the national project and its failure where all has rights to participate in the resolution and run the country, we are by the partnership side where all powers must be real participants in to achieve the good will to the society and serve the citizens, all must take their chances and their roles correctly but not with quotas that turns the positions into a property of its official.
FIVE: The mutual trust among the officials and political powers is the basic entrance to reach all the achievements and good aspirations that we carry toward our country, we have the legitimate aspirations and the bright prospects in constructing Iraq, all of that requires strengthening the trust among the officials, because such a confidence will help to unify the visions, thinking in good way towards the others and form the one team that do everything to serve the citizens and to move forward with this country.
That trust is the only entrance to soften and soothe the souls and instill love and hope for this decent people in order to achieve the ambitions of our people and to treat the challenges and problems that face all of us.
SIX: What is important here is the clear and obvious procedures according to the officials assessments results that must appear after the frankness and openness. Ministers show up and explain, Parliament hosts and make questions, media outlets evaluate and report and people judge, but if the people decided who is the successful minister and who is the failure one, how the deal must be with these impressions and perceptions to our people, here will be seen how seriously is the process of openness and disclosure, when tight and clear measures is been taken, in order to thank, appreciate and confirm the succeed official, and blame and replace the failure official with an efficient new one, same thing for a minister whom did not achieve the required success during the previous period.
However and through these logical and objective topics, the politicians can reach the safety and approach, and as soon as the political process get to an advance state of understanding then everyone will get the desired results. The most importantly is to provide better services to the people and reduce the precursors that harms people.
Here and during this sensitive period, Sayed Amar al-Hakeem presented these 6 topics demanding not to involve the services and security files in any political conflict as these files are important to citizens because the citizen must not be crammed in the political problems.
Al-Hakeems’ call came for the sake of the nation and the citizen who is the base of the Iraqi state so no movement can be made forward without the citizen, this is al-Hakeems’ strategy who promised Allah and people for.