On Thursday, 8th of September 2011, Sayeed Ammar al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Stressed on Iraq's need for the culture of Quran experience in building of its new political attempt. Stressing the importance need for the cultural and moral side to complete the change process over the past eight years.
Al-Hakeem showed during his speech on the 8th National Quran Competition by al-Mihrab martyr Foundation which held in Basra, that the commitment of the national and Islamic identity will create a cohesive and a strong society able to stand, calling for devoting the system of values in Iraqi society in order to turn into a nation as the Holy Quran wants.
" The Holy Quran is not for the individuals only, but considers the individual as an individual and as an effective member as part of the society" al-Hakeem said. Calling the society to approach towards Allah, and not experiencing a state of decadence and decline down towards the devil, this is what made the Holy Quran focuses on the social dimension through headlines that symbolizes to the unity, which confirms that the Holy Quran  leads to cooperation, collaboration and integration among the people. 
Al-Hakeem renewed his call to act in the spirit of the other collaborated team, warning from the distinction, discord and the antagonism among the society components, referring that everyone has the right to be on different opinion but the risk in the dispute, which generates a distinction among the society.
Al-Hakeem added “the politicians must send reassurance messages that remove the fears among themselves but with the confession of these fears, noting that the nation itself senses the mutual pains, fears and concerns, where the man has to be strong by his counterpart, not to be strong against him, the nation is the umbrella which brings everyone together no matter how they different in their religious, national, political, regional, and tribal attitudes.
His Eminence said also that the “partnership is an urgent need to make everyone feels with confident and reassured that there is a difference between the partnership and quotas, as the quota is fragmentation of the individual's right which is rejected, while the partnership is to attend and contribute in decision, the partnership is better and a need while the second is an injury" al-Hakeem Said
al-Hakeem also addressed those who carry the Holy Quran, how that carrying Quran is a virtue and honor, but at the same time great responsibility because the Holy Quran carriers are not like others as their guilt will be greater if they make a mistak