On Thursday 26th of January 2012, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the heads the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraqi Called on the Iraqia List to return to the government and parliament, noting that this return will be the key for the preparation of the National Conference to be held soon and that will help create a common vision in the management of the country to solve the current political problems for better Iraq.
This event took place in a press conference held with the Turkish FM Dawood Uglu in in Ankara-Turkey.
Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem emphasized during the conference the INA readiness to work hard to achieve and enhance the harmony and cohesion among all Iraqis, stressing that Iraq after the U.S. withdrawal in need for a national partnership in the government as It cannot be managed by a one single nationality or some specific religion, but by all Iraqis.
 His Eminence Indicated Iraq's desire to launch a message of love and brotherly with neighboring country of Turkey to serve the interests of both countries and enhance their relationships.
Al-Hakeem also declared that the Syrian file is an important regional issue, noting that the solution for the current situation in Syria, must be come from the Syrian people, their government and its components
Sayeed al-Hakeem confirmed Iraq’s desire to support the Syrian people in all of its components and orientations in its true demands, calling on all parties in Syria to adopt the peaceful means in the dialogue to get the results that strengthen the partnership among the Syrians.